Next Generation National Security (NextGen NatSec)  is a coalition of national security and foreign policy practitioners working to diversify the sector. This group works to amplify the contributions and voices of diverse practitioners in U.S. national security and foreign policy and create opportunities for diverse practitioners to enter and succeed in the sector. NextGen NatSec is a call to action for the national security and foreign policy apparatus, across all sectors, to prioritize diversity and inclusion in its personnel and agenda. Diversity is a strategic advantage that we must capitalize on.

After the success of Diversity in National Security Network (DINSN), the organization divided into two with distinct aims. DINSN, led by Asha Castleberry, will focus on building out a policy platform and leverage the @NatSecDiver Twitter handle. Please reach out to Asha directly to support her and her work. 

NextGen NatSec, led by Laura Kupe and Camille Stewart Gloster, will support the community built through the #NextGenNatSec lists and amplify the policy positions of the next generation of national security and foreign policy talent. This community and the policies promoted will be born from the richness of diverse national security and foreign policy talent to advance innovation and promote a grand strategy that will enable America to meet the existential challenges we face now and moving forward. 

Get engaged and stay connected with NextGen NatSec by following us on Twitter (@NextGenNatSec) and checking the site for updates on projects and initiatives.

It is extremely important to elevate and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of diverse practitioners in this space. We are dedicated to providing a platform to feature diverse voices and to help those seeking national security talent as they plan events, do research, and otherwise convene practitioners in this space. Please check out our Next Generation National Security and Foreign Policy Leaders lists #NextGenNatSec, the #OurVoicesInNatSec campaign and the #LookingLikeAmerica campaign which celebrated diverse appointees.All of these efforts were in partnership with New America. Check out the Call for More diversity in National Security that launched the project!

Please read our announcement on our plans for the future.