2020 Latino National Security & Foreign Policy Next Generation Leaders

Sept. 22, 2020

During Hispanic Heritage Heritage Month, it is typical for national security institutions to celebrate the accomplishments of Latino national security and foreign policy leaders, like former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson, current Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez, former U.S. Ambassador to Brazil and Paraguay Liliana Ayalde, and many others. In addition to celebrating these leaders’ important legacies, it is equally important to celebrate rising leaders in this space.

In 2019, the Diversity in National Security Network and New America highlighted our inaugural list of next generation Latino Foreign Policy and National Security experts. This list is part of a series highlighting the need for diverse voices in national security and foreign policy. We encourage you to read “Bringing More Diversity to the National Security Arena” and all of the lists in the #NextGenNatSec series. In 2020, our organizations are committed to continuing this important work.

The Diversity in National Security Network and New America are pleased to honor the contributions of 40 Latino and Latina experts in U.S. national security and foreign policy. The list features experts currently serving in government, think tanks, academia, civil society, and the media. Selection is based on excellence and leadership; their current work in national security or foreign policy; and their contributions to their issues of expertise through thought leadership.

The List.

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