Black American National Security & Foreign Policy Next Generation Leaders

From Russia meddling in U.S. elections, to counterterrorism in Africa, to North Korean Nuclear Proliferation, our country continues to face new and evolving national security threats. On top of so much else, the November midterm elections have underscored Americans’ desire for change away from how Washington politics has long been run—and by whom.

Since 9/11, there has been a growing number of Black Americans making a difference in the national security sector. Many of them are former Obama Administration Appointees, lawyers, congressional staff, intelligence analysts, military veterans, diplomats, foreign aid practitioners, entrepreneurs, economists, and beyond – inspired by role models that have broken glass ceilings in national security such as Ambassador Andrew Young, General Colin Powell, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, Ambassador Patrick Gaspard, Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Ambassador Ruth Davis, and many others.

The Diversity in National Security Network and New America are pleased to honor the contributions of 35 Black American experts in U.S. national security and foreign policy. The list features list includes experts currently serving in government, think tanks, academia, non-governmental organizations, and the media. Selection is based on excellence and leadership; their current work in national security or foreign policy; and their contributions to their issues of expertise through thought leadership.

The list.

Articles about our honorees:

Bringing More Diversity to the National Security Arena

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